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Rock Island 50' Boxcar

Our newest offering is a Rock Island 50' boxcar with DF lettering produced by Branchline exclusively for the Amarillo Railroad Museum. We offer six road numbers and two reweigh dates!  The cars have a boxcar red body, yellow DF markings, silver roof, and an early example of patchwork renumbering.  Originally in the 30000 series, they were renumbered into the 5001 series when DF loader devices were installed in the 1950s.  The Rock Island did not fully repaint the cars when the DF loaders were installed, but simply painted out a patch and renumbered the cars.  The cars would fit the 1950s-1960s era. The cars sell for $26 each.  Shipping and handling is $8.80 for up to four cars, $10 for five or more.  Sorry for the shipping and handling increase.  We now require signature confirmation for all sales.  Recently we’ve had too many shipments “lost” by the USPS.

10 % Discount!
$26.00 $23.40